Naruto Sudoku Game

On this page, you'll play the game Naruto Sudoku, one of your best free naruto games!!! Welcome to "Naruto Sudoku" a puzzle game where you can arrange characters from "Naruto" in patterns on a grid. The object is to have each character appear once and only once in each row and column of the grid as well as once and only once all the subsections of the grid (which are blocked off by orange strips). You can choose from six sizes of grid.

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Naruto Sudoku Game controls, cheat codes, ...
At the beginning select the size grid you want (all clicks are with the left mouse button). Place characters on the grid by clicking first on the grid and then on a character from the lower right. Clear your placements by clicking a character on the grid and then clicking "Clear" (lower right) Press "space" to check for errors.
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