Naruto Games

Do you miss watching episodes of the animated series Naruto on television? Chances are, you're not alone. And if you want to play games but can't afford to buy any, you can always play these Flash Naruto games for free. See if you find the game that you like the most. Read more about our 107 naruto games ...

Naruto is actually a manga series animated for television viewers. To play games inspired by Naruto, go through this collection and choose the ones belonging to the type of games you prefer. There are boxing games such as the Naruto Boxing Game, racing games such as the Naruto Motocross, puzzle games such as the one by Juegos Diarios, and adventure games such as Naruto Ultimate from Shonen Jump. In the Naruto Boxing Game, you will be pitted against a pro boxer and you have to dodge his punches while also getting in a few of your own. See if you can knock down your opponent before he outpunches you. In Naruto Motocross, you have to ride a bike to the end of the course without flipping your motorbike. Try all the games and see what you like the most; after all, you can play them for free. Good luck and enjoy!
  1. Naruto Create a Character 4
  2. Naruto and Hinata Dress Up
  3. Sakura Sasuke Dress Up
  4. Hinata Hyuga Dress Up Naruto
  5. Ninja Girl Dress Up Naruto
  6. Kakashi Dress Up Naruto
  7. Hinata Temari Sakura Dress Up
  8. Naruto Create a Character 3
  9. Kyubi Dress Up
  10. Naruto Sasuke Gaara Dress Up
  11. Sasuke Vs Itachi
  12. Naruto Fighting
  13. Gaara vs Deidara Naruto
  14. Sakura Dress Up Naruto
  15. Naruto Dating Sim
  16. Hand Signs Training Naruto
  17. Dress Up Sasuke
  18. Naruto Heroes League
  19. Naruto Shippuden
  20. Naruto GG 0.8
    Naruto GG 0.8 0 2417 Naruto GG 0.8 Naruto GG 0.8
  21. Anime Beta Smash Naruto
  22. Naruto NG
    Naruto NG 0 2279 Naruto NG Naruto NG
  23. Naruto Fighting Jam
  24. Naruto Girls
    Naruto Girls 0 2249 Naruto Girls Naruto Girls
  25. Naruto War
    Naruto War 0 2026 Naruto War Naruto War
  26. Naruto Japan
    Naruto Japan 0 1976 Naruto Japan Naruto Japan
  27. Neji's Kaiten Krusher Naruto
  28. Naruto Dress up
  29. Naruto Women Dressup
  30. Naruto Safe Frog
  31. Shonen Jump Naruto
  32. Sasuke Run
    Sasuke Run 0 1267 Sasuke Run Sasuke Run
  33. Naruto World Puzzle
  34. Girl Dressup Naruto
  35. Naruto Puzzle Mania
  36. Where is Naruto?
  37. Dressup Naruto
  38. Naruto Bomb
    Naruto Bomb 0 1030 Naruto Bomb Naruto Bomb
  39. Naruto Differences
  40. Naruto Bomb 2
  41. Sort my Tiles Uzumaki Naruto
  42. Beach Ball Game Naruto
  43. Naruto Summer Festival
  44. Naruto Motocross 2
  45. Naruto Bomb 4
  46. Naruto Battle Grounds
  47. Naruto Sudoku
  48. Naruto the Quest
  49. Kakashi Senseļ Naruto
  50. Naruto Breakout
  51. Naruto Boxing Game
  52. Shadow Clone Battle Naruto
  53. Naruto Puzzles Giant
  54. Magic Puzzle Naruto
  55. Naruto Blast Battle
  56. Naruto Great Wall Championship
  57. Naruto Combat
  58. Naruto Bubble
  59. Naruto Memory Match
  60. Naruto Dragons Battle
  61. Naruto Adventure
  62. Naruto Shippuden Memory Game
  63. Naruto Basketball
  64. Pic Tart Naruto
  65. Naruto Puzzle
  66. Naruto Bomb 3
  67. Rabbit Ninja Jump Naruto
  68. Naruto Clones
  69. Naruto Kunaļ
  70. Naruto Ramen Express
  71. Snowy Battlefield Naruto
  72. Tetris Naruto Style
  73. Naruto Snowboard
  74. Naruto Invaders
  75. Naruto Match
    Naruto Match 0 331 Naruto Match Naruto Match
  76. Naruto Ride
    Naruto Ride 0 322 Naruto Ride Naruto Ride
  77. Naruto Ramen Defender
  78. Naruto Motocross
  79. Naruto Scooter Game
  80. Naruto Diamond Miner
  81. Naruto Run Game
  82. Naruto Camping Car
  83. Naruto Super Squad
  84. Naruto Monster Car
  85. Naruto BMX Challenge
  86. Naruto Monster Car 2
  87. Naruto Dodging Game
  88. Naruto Waterfall Jump
  89. Manga Bike Naruto
  90. Naruto Biker
    Naruto Biker 0 201 Naruto Biker Naruto Biker
  91. Naruto Bike
    Naruto Bike 0 200 Naruto Bike Naruto Bike