Nemesis Game

On this page, you'll play the game Nemesis, one of your best free fighting games!!! Nemesis is a battle game where you are chosen to accomplish a mission and help an unnamed source in its war. They provide you with all the weapons and armory required to help you in your combat. Choose between the gaming modes. You also get to choose your weapons, armor, and skill or strength based on the points you have. This is more of a strategy based game where you need to select your fighting options to defeat your enemy before he depletes your life meter. Winning a battle gives you more points to upgrade your skills and strength.

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Choose the gaming mode you want ? Campaign, Survival, or Replay. Choose your primary and secondary weapon, armor, skills, etc. Follow the tips to select the options and progress in your mission. Click the options using your left mouse button to make your character fight. Keep an eye on your energy and life meters.
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