Ninja Turtles Game

On this page, you'll play the game Ninja Turtles, one of your best free beat em up games!!! The Ninja Turtles have been requested in a neighborhood to calm down the spirits but it seems that things have escalated. You will have to control one of the Turtles and you will have to take down all of the bad guys. However, they also have various weapons, ranging from bats to knives and you will have to pay attention so they do not hit you, because you will lose health.

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Ninja Turtles Game controls, cheat codes, ...
LEFT CLICK on the START the Game button and you will be taken into the fight against the punks of the neighborhood. Move the Turtle with the W and S keys to get closer to each of the sidewalks and with the A and D keys to go left and right. You can attack your enemies with the J, K and L keys and you can also use special attacks if the power meter is full.
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