Off Road Games

Are you a big fan of 4x4 trucks? If so, then it looks like you hit a gold mine. This page features several off road games that can surely get you hooked. They are a hundred percent free ? no need to worry about exorbitant registration fees. Try them out now! Read more about our 70 off road games ...

Most of these off road games require you to drive a 4x4 truck through an obstacle course. Navigate bumpy roads that just might flip your truck over if you're not too careful. 4x4 Desert Hawk 2 and 4x4 Cross are examples of these games. Of course, there are classic truck-racing games for the dedicated racer. You can try playing 4x4 Race and see how fast you can finish several laps and run over bombs without getting caught by cops. Check out 4x4 Park ? to win this game, you have to collect as many icons on the map as possible while you still have time. But 4x4 truck games aren't just for the guys; there's always something for the girls, too! 4x4 For Girls is a truck game that challenges girls to drive fast without crashing the pretty truck. There's always something for you, whether you're into speed, strategy, or precision.
  1. Rock Crawler Off-Road
  2. 4x4 Soccer Off-Road
  3. War Machine Off-Road
  4. Kill All Zombies Off-Road
  5. Drive to Rainier Off-Road
  6. Rocky Rider Off-Road
  7. Pimp my Infiniti FX 45 Off-Road
  8. Crazy Mustang Off-Road
  9. Army Jeep Off-Road
  10. Wasteland Jumper Off-Road
  11. Grave Digger Truck
  12. Cardboard Safari Off-Road
  13. 4x4 Rally Off-Road
  14. Crosstown Craze Off-Road
  15. Terry Patton Off-Road
  16. Parachute Retrospect
  17. Alp Truck Off-Road
  18. Offroad Trophy
  19. Crazy Jeep Off-Road
  20. Hay Delivery 2 Off-Road
  21. Alan 4x4 Extreme Ride
  22. Ambulance Frenzy Off-Road
  23. Amazing Race Off-Road
  24. Four Wheel Chase Off Road
  25. Offroad madness
  26. Super Racer Off-Road
  27. Micro Trux Off-Road
  28. Jurassic Drive Off-Road
  29. Red Cross Rush Off-Road
  30. 4 Wheels Madness 3 Off-Road
  31. Girl Rush Off-Road
  32. Tracking Challenge Off-Road
  33. Buggy Fighter Off-Road
  34. London Race Off-Road
  35. Construction Yard Off-Road
  36. Stunt Run Off-Road
  37. Demolish Truck Off-Road
  38. Jeep Racer Off-Road
  39. Dodo Race Off-Road
  40. Big Truck Adventures 3 Off-Road
  41. Italy Race Off-Road
  42. Border Services Off-Road
  43. Australia Racing
  44. Army Driver Off-Road
  45. Land Rider Off-Road
  46. Rage Truck Off-Road
  47. The Jewel Hunter Off-Road
  48. The Chevron Cars Off-Road
  49. Your Targets Off-Road
  50. Blast Master Off-Road
  51. Fred's Pick Up Tour 3 Off-Road
  52. Xtrucks 2 Off-Road
  53. Deadly Drive Off-Road
  54. Riprage Off-Road