One Piece Luffy vs CP9 Game

On this page, you'll play the game One Piece Luffy vs CP9, one of your best free one piece games!!! One Piece: Luffy vs. CP9 is a Chinese fan game based on the popular One Piece anime. It's a beat 'em up game based on the CP9 arc of the anime where Monkey D. Luffy faces the Cipher Pol Number 9 police. Try not to get hit as you advance, beating up the special police and navy officers, building up a special attack meter to unleash special moves with button cues that appear on screen. Rack up a high score and gain extra lives as you battle! You will be the Pirate King!

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One Piece Luffy vs CP9 Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Move Luffy with the A, S, W, and D keys in each of their corresponding directions. The J key attacks, while the K key jumps. Use these buttons in conjunction for all sorts of maneuvers and attacks.
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