Paper Pirates Game

On this page, you'll play the game Paper Pirates, one of your best free pirate games!!! You are not willing to negotiate with pirates as you catch them, so you will have to eliminate them, one by one. You have prepared a series of puzzles for each of them and now, you have to solve them. There are various platforms on the sea and on top of them there are placed wooden crates, buoys or even cannons. You need to make use of every element available in order to make the pirate fall into the water, where a shark awaits him.

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Paper Pirates Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Use the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to CLICK on the PLAY button in the main menu. You will be able to choose an unlocked level to play through it by LEFT CLICKING on it. After you do this, you can start the challenge and get rid of the required elements. LEFT CLICK to interact with every object available. When you shoot the cannon, LEFT CLICK and HOLD the mouse button in order to aim and release it to shoot.
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