Paper Sumo Game

On this page, you'll play the game Paper Sumo, one of your best free fighting games!!! If you know anything about Sumo, you will definitely enjoy this game that has a twist. Instead of fighting with real characters, you will fight using a paper that has a head drawn on it. You must fight against another piece of paper and your aim is to eliminate the enemy from the ring. You need to catch and beat a drum as fast as possible in order to advance your position and secure the win, but do it fast as there is a timer.

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Paper Sumo Game controls, cheat codes, ...
You can start this sumo game by LEFT CLICKING on the PLAY button and then you will have to choose a character. You will receive a drum stick that you will have to use in order to beat the drum as fast as possible. You are required to move the stick by moving the mouse and you will have to chase the position of the drum. You will then have to LEFT CLICK as fast as possible in order to beat the drum.
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