Parachute Retrospect Game

On this page, you'll play the game Parachute Retrospect, one of your best free off road games!!! This is the Parachute Retrospect game by Armour Games. You have a helicopter wtih 100 men on board who must parachute down to safety. There are trucks loaded with material driving beneath them, and if they parachute into the truck, their lives are saved; if not, they parachute to the ground and perish. The idea is to save as many men as possible. This is a game of eye-hand coordination, and involves some speed. The game increases in intensity as a silo also fires rockets at the parachuting men. Each death costs you points.

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The entire game is controlled with the spacebar. You must guage the speed that the men are falling to know when to press the spacebar to save the men.
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