Peach Across the World Game

On this page, you'll play the game Peach Across the World, one of your best free mario moto games!!! After Princess Peach was saved by Mario, all of them got their hands on some powerful bikes and together they started riding them along the tracks that can be found on the hills. Peach wants to travel around the world and she wants to use her bike to do so, but you have to help her. You can also do a few tricks if you want to increase your score, but in the end you just have to finish in one piece.

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Peach Across the World Game controls, cheat codes, ...
This motorcycle game can be started with ease if you LEFT CLICK on the PLAY button in the main menu. After you do this, you can turn on the engine of the bike and accelerate it with the UP key. If you have to slow down, press the DOWN key. You can balance the bike using the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys and you should do so to avoid falling down.
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