Penguin Massacre Game

On this page, you'll play the game Penguin Massacre, one of your best free shooting games!!! As penguins try to take over your icy fort, you will also have to fight them off and in order to achieve this, you will have access to a pistol. Even though penguins do not use pistols, you are much more advanced, hence you are able to protect the fort much better. If you need an upgrade, you can easily purchase one if you also have the resources for it.

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Penguin Massacre Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Start defending the fort by LEFT clicking the Play icon. After you do this, you will be placed on the top and from there, you will have to aim using the mouse. Whenever you want to shoot, LEFT click the mouse. Reloading is done automatically, but you have to wait a couple of seconds.
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