Pirate Bride Game

On this page, you'll play the game Pirate Bride, one of your best free pirate games!!! These two lovers want to share their destinies, even though he is a pirate and she is a woman from the land. However, love cannot be stopped and today is their wedding day. Even though you are not making an appearance in the front row, you have quite an important role as you are the one that has to dress the girl up and make her look good. You also have to take care of the groom and give him nice clothes.

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Pirate Bride Game controls, cheat codes, ...
You can begin this dress up game by LEFT CLICKING on the PLAY button in the main menu and the two lovers will appear. Their item categories are displayed on two separate columns and you can LEFT CLICK a main category to see all of the items that are available in it. You can them choose a specific item from the category by LEFT CLICKING on it to have the bride wear it.
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