Pirate Couple Kiss Game

On this page, you'll play the game Pirate Couple Kiss, one of your best free pirate games!!! Pirates are well known for the thefts they were doing in order to become rich, but there are also other sides of the story that people might not now. However, this time you will be able to explore the romantic side of piracy. Two people, both pirates, have to go to a date, and you will have to prepare them both in order for them have a good time while dating.

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Pirate Couple Kiss Game controls, cheat codes, ...
LEFT click on Play to start the game. The pirate couple will appear. You will have to make them kiss for as long as possible by LEFT clicking and holding the mouse button while hovering over them. When someone will appear, release the button to stop kissing. Whenever someone is watching, you can LEFT click on an item in the environment and use it to make the person flee.
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