Pirate Games

Ever wished that you could be a pirate? While not exactly possible in real life you could still get to play as one by trying out one of these exciting pirate games. Capturing enemy ships and plundering their treasures will transform you into Pirate Captain of the Seas in fast-paced virtual oceans full of danger and mystery. Read more about our 53 pirate games ...

A good pirate game will always have you as the master of a pirate ship on the quest for treasure, and you can be sure that there is plenty of treasure out there to keep for yourself. Whether you find yourself fighting rival pirates or plundering the Royal Navy, you will need to show that you are the true ruler of the seas. You could choose to take over a foreign island and make it your home base or just scout out the sea to see if there are any unsuspecting trading ships to capture. Travel to distant lands, fire cannons, sink ships, and solve unique puzzles in these amazing interactive Flash game adventures. There is little doubt that pirate games will provide you with many hours of enjoyment, and you just might want to come back the next day for more. Aye Aye Captain!