Pogo Challenge Game

On this page, you'll play the game Pogo Challenge, one of your best free girls games!!! If you had a Pogo when you are a youngster, you definitely enjoyed jumping around on it. Today, you will have the opportunity to do the same thing, but in a virtual environment, The girl that jumps with the Pogo has to collect all of the stars that appear on the screen. After you collect them, you can also collect the final star that appears. There are enemies, too, and you can get rid of them by jumping onto their heads.

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Pogo Challenge Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Start the game by LEFT clicking on the Play button and you will be taken to the first level. You will see the stars that must be collected and you will also see that they are placed at different levels. The girl will jump automatically and you only have to move the mouse around the screen to guide the girl.
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