Power Ranger Memory Game

On this page, you'll play the game Power Ranger Memory, one of your best free power rangers games!!! In this simple game, you will find a hint chart at the left side of the screen, where you will notice two types of power ranger icons. Follow the setup. Now when the hint will disappear, you need to match the same image set in the right side Crystal balls in a very short time. If you match the pattern with the hint pattern, prior the appearance of the power ranger icons, you will get a lift of the score. If you fail to complete the task, the game will be over.

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Power Ranger Memory Game controls, cheat codes, ...
CLICK on START button to enter this fast memory game. Entering the game stage, you will find a hint of organised power ranger images in two different patterns. Memorize the pattern. In the game screen, you will be given a set of blank crystal balls. You need to CLICK on them by remembering the hint image on the left side of the screen. If you can complete matching one pattern accordingly, as shown in the chart, you will get a lift to the next level. If failed CLICK on PLAY AGAIN button to play once more.
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