Racing Titans Game

On this page, you'll play the game Racing Titans, one of your best free car racing games!!! Racing Titans, is an advanced flash game, where the player needs to cross other cars on the racing track to touch the finishing line before them. If the player can touch the Finish line he will score more. To make his car more speedy and brilliant on the racing track, he needs to press different ARROW keys, at the right point and the right time. The use of the driving tolls is a factor to be examined through this game.

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Racing Titans Game controls, cheat codes, ...
To start the game RACING TITANS, first click on the PLAY button. Now type your name in the PLAYER bar of the instructions section and click on the PLAY button. Now once the game will start you get ready to press the UP ARROW key to move the car. To make the car turn in different points, use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW keys accordingly. While racing the car need to remember to touch the FINISH line before other cars.
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