Rambo Robot Mayhem Game

On this page, you'll play the game Rambo Robot Mayhem, one of your best free shooting games!!! Inspired from the name of famous action movie character of Hollywood movies, Rambo. In this game, you need to assist this hero to eradicate his enemies, hidden behind different chambers. Once you will find them , target them and Shoot them. Be swift in your action to kill more enemies in a short time by maintaining the health level. Once the gun is vacant of bullets reload the gun and attack them again. Kill them fast before they can kill you.

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Rambo Robot Mayhem Game controls, cheat codes, ...
CLICK on the PLAY button to start the game. CLICK on the difficulty level between Normal and Hard. CLICK on the NEXT button, to play the game, move the mouse pointer to target enemies. To shoot , LEFT CLICK on the mouse. After the end of the bullets, PRESS on SPACE bar once more to reload the gun. Once you pass a level, CLICK on PLAY to get into the next level. If you lose the game , CLICK on TRY AGAIN button to start the game.
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