Redakai Conquer the Kairu Game

On this page, you'll play the game Redakai Conquer the Kairu, one of your best free heroes games!!! In a parallel universe a battle rages where evil threatens to overpower the good. You are the only one who can fight the evil forces and help restore balance, and make good win over the evil. You have a deck of cards to play with and help good win. Wrestle with Ky, Boomer and Maya and use the Kairu energy to face Lokar, the evil. Play the card game, and face your opponent in this war. Select a card from the deck of cards available, and see what card your enemy pulls on you. Go back to the previous card to change your card and pick a new one if your opponent?s card is more powerful than yours. The cards fight it out, while you use your intelligence and strategy to win over the evil.

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Redakai Conquer the Kairu Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Play the Redakai Conquer the Kairu game with the LEFT CLICK of your mouse. CLICK on SUIVANT or NEXT to see the next card. CLICK on RETOUR or RETURN to return to the previous card and play another card. CLICK on PLAY to begin the game.
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