Rescue Princess 2 Flying Knights Game

On this page, you'll play the game Rescue Princess 2 Flying Knights, one of your best free princess games!!! Monsters that spew poison, dragons, scorpions and many more enemies await the brave warriors who have set out to rescue the princess from the clutches of the robbers. The evil robbers have taken away the princess and her holding her captive in the dark caves. The warriors have only their swords to fight the enemies and rescue the poor girl. The king has promised the princess? hand in marriage to the braver of the two warriors. And yet, both must work together through all the levels of the game, and help rescue the princess through team work. The Rescue Princess 2 Flying Knights is a puzzler game where you need to use strategy to navigate your way through hurdles and monsters. The warriors need to act together as well as individually, though at the end it is all about team work for both of them. Help them navigate through the mazes and levels, and rescue the princess.

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Rescue Princess 2 Flying Knights Game controls, cheat codes, ...
For the navigation of the first warrior use the RIGHT, LEFT, UP and DOWN arrow keys and the numerical key 1 to sweep his sword through the guts of the monsters. For the second warrior use the W, A, S, and D keys to navigate and the J key to use his sword. The UP and W keys are for jumping, the RIGHT and D keys are to move forward, the LEFT and A keys are to move backward and the DOWN and S keys are used for crouching. Play through all the 30 levels to rescue the princess. Click on START to start playing the game. Click on HELP button to understand instructions.
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