Restaurant Parking Game

On this page, you'll play the game Restaurant Parking, one of your best free parking games!!! In this, the gamer would have to drive the car without colliding the same against other cars or obstacles, else he would lose a life on each such occasion. Park the car in the shortest time to score more. Complete the ten levels to win the game. Driving the car may be tricky at times, owing to the number of parked cars in the parking lot and hence, the game would test your keyboard control skills at length.

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Restaurant Parking Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Click on PLAY to enter the game. The controls are rather easy for this. Click on CONTINUE. Use UP, DOWN, RIGHT and LEFT arrow keys to drive the car in the respective direction. Use SPACE BAR to apply the brakes of the same. If you fail to complete a level by parking the car, click on TRY AGAIN. You may even choose to quit by clicking on QUIT. On every successful completion of a level, click on NEXT to proceed.
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