Ricochet Kills 3 Game

On this page, you'll play the game Ricochet Kills 3, one of your best free gun games!!! Ricochet Kills 3 is a very well known shooting game. Here the target is that you kill multiple enemies with as less bullets as you can. The twist in the game is that the enemies are not really in shooting range. You have to point your bullets in such a way that it can bounce on the surrounding walls and boundaries and hit the enemies. You have limited number of bullets to use.

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Click on PLAY to begin the game. There are fifty normal levels and another twenty bonus levels. You need to play your way through this game to unlock all the levels. Aim your gun with the help of your mouse and then to shoot a bullet simply CLICK once. You can share your score on online social networking website to see who among your friend has scored the highest.
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