Road Bike Games

If you're addicted to speed, you might want to ride a bike and race to the finish line with this superb collection of road bike games! You can race your bike down a tarmac road, a dirt road, or just about any terrain you want. Choose your pick and enjoy! Read more about our 26 road bike games ...

Some gamers are comfortable playing bike games from a driver's perspective. Others prefer seeing the entire motorbike on the road to better gauge the speed and position. You might also prefer racing games with two-dimensional graphics as they present a simpler user interface. Whatever perspective you prefer, you can find it here. For instance, in Wrong Way Highway, you have to survive the onslaught of oncoming traffic; apparently, you're headed the wrong way and you are bound to crash head-on with another vehicle anytime. In Turbo Sport (Bronze Edition) you are free to use your mouse instead of cursor keys for better navigability. The graphics are simple but interesting, perfect for a gamer who wants no-nonsense play time. In the game Speed Biker, you can race against cars and see green blobs on the road that might actually help you score more. Enjoy all the games ? share them with friends!