Santa In Trouble Game

On this page, you'll play the game Santa In Trouble, one of your best free bow games!!! Santa In Trouble is a hilarious game that makes use of archery. You need to help Santa get out of trouble by aiming your arrow to cut the rope on which Santa is hanging. This game is indeed addictive and you can spend hours on completing the forty levels of this game. There are ten exciting bonus levels too. You have to play your way through the game to unlock these levels.

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Santa In Trouble Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Click on PLAY to begin the game. You can choose from the levels of the game. If you are playing this for the first time then only the first level will be open for you. Take your mouse to the bow and PULL BACK to fix the aim. To RELEASE the arrow simple take off your finger from the bow. Click on RESTART to begin the game. Click on LEVELS to select the desired level in the game.
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