Savanna Hunting Game

On this page, you'll play the game Savanna Hunting, one of your best free hunting games!!! Hunting in the savanna is really enjoyable, but you are only allowed to do it in special places and you can only hunt certain animals. You are not allowed to shoot the babies and you will receive a penalty if this happens. You can hit various animals using your sniper rifle and if you earn enough points, you can also purchase a better weapon that will allow you to aim further and better.

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Savanna Hunting Game controls, cheat codes, ...
You can start hunting animals in the savanna by LEFT CLICKING on the PLAY button in the main menu and after you choose your rifle, you can start shooting. As the animals appear, you can easily aim towards their bodies or heads by moving the mouse. When you want to shoot, LEFT CLICK and the animal will be taken down if you aimed well.
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