Scooby Shadow Race Game

On this page, you'll play the game Scooby Shadow Race, one of your best free heroes games!!! Scooby Doo the detective dog is a fearless dog who can solve any problem, and any mystery. He also loves to race on the mountain side to clear his head. When there is a mystery he cannot solve, he takes his bike to the mountains and rides down the peaks. But this time, he has competition on the bike track. His own shadow is pitted against him and instead of concentrating on the case he is solving, he has to win against his own shadow. Then only he can clear his head and think straight. You can help him speed things up on the bike track by giving him a boost to his speed. Help him race through the treacherous mountain tracks. These are rocky roads that go up and down in sharp curves and climbs, you would have to be very careful to ride the bike or else Scooby will come tumbling down the mounts! His shadow is faster than him, and the challenge is to beat his own shadow in the race. Don?t topple over or you will lose the game even before you have raced it! There are bones for you to collect on the ride, and these are bonus points you get for Scooby.

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Scooby Shadow Race Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Play the Scooby Shadow Race with the arrow keys of the keyboard. Use the UP ARROW to MOVE FORWARD, the DOWN ARROW to MOVE BACKWARD, the RIGHT ARROW to BALANCE FORWARD and LEFT ARROW to BALANCE BACKWARD. Collect bonus points by passing through them. You have 3 lives to finish a level. You can LEFT CLICK on the REFRESH icon on the bottom of the page to RESTART the game. if topple over, LEFT CLICK on RETRY button to play again. LEFT CLICK on the HOME icon to go back to the starting page. On the starting page, you can LEFT CLICK on the HELP button in the shape of a bone to read instructions in the game.
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