Siege Hero Viking Vengeance Game

On this page, you'll play the game Siege Hero Viking Vengeance, one of your best free destruction games!!! Vikings are known for their might and power, and this time you are going to control one of the best slingers in the kingdom. The enemy has built numerous fortifications along your borders and he seems to plan something. In order to prevent him from attacking, you will have to make use of your slinger in order to take down every fort. You will also have to kill all of the enemies.

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Siege Hero Viking Vengeance Game controls, cheat codes, ...
LEFT click on Play to start the game. You will have to destroy the castle and kill the enemies in the least amount of shots, and you can freely aim using the mouse. If you want to shoot, you can LEFT click and the bomb will be thrown. After the level is finished, you can select further levels by LEFT clicking the squares on the map.
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