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On this page, you'll play the game Skate Girl, one of your best free girls games!!! Skate Girl takes all your skills of dodging hurdles while you skate through the park with Sarah. On a nice weekend day Sarah goes out to skate in the park, complete with her helmet and skates. While it?s a great place to skate, there are hurdles along the way. You have to help her skate across the stones and puddles along the way. There are also big balloons which she has to dodge, or she will lose a life. There are five lives, and every time Sarah touches a balloon or a stone or a pebble, she misses a life. The park is a cheerful place, with strollers out to stroll on a beautiful day. Through all this Sarah has to skate, and while she dodges the stones and puddles, she also has to be careful to pick up coins and hearts, the latter of which will provide her with extra lives, and the coins will give her bonus points. Fun and filled with speed, this is a great game to beat stress.

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Skate Girl is a game played with the arrow keys on the keyboard. The Right ARROW KEY increases Sarah?s speed, the Left arrow key help her go back, though since the speed is set, you can?t make her go back a long way to collect a missed coin or heart. The Up and Down arrow keys are what you use the most to help her skate sideways and dodge the hurdles along the way. At the beginning, the game asks you for your country, and at the end the game prompts you to feed your name into the system, so you can compare your scores with players across the world.
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