Slide Jumping Game

On this page, you'll play the game Slide Jumping, one of your best free power rangers games!!! Slide Jumping is an interesting flash game, where you will help the famous animated character Ninja Turtle or Power Ranger, to jump a slide. The important factor behind this jumping task is that, the slide jumper needs to achieve some target points, by jumping his skateboard in the air. If he can do a perfect jumping and touch the point accordingly, he will be promoted to next level. In different levels he needs to touch different jumping points. Play this game and help this powerful Turtle or Power ranger to fulfil his target.

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Slide Jumping Game controls, cheat codes, ...
CLICK on START button to play the game. In the menu page, you will find two different characters namely Ninja Turtle and Power Ranger. CLICK on an image that you want to be. PRESS on DOWN arrow key to start the sliding down task. PRESS on the LEFT and Right arrow keys to do the jumping task. Once your selected character will touch the target point in air, he will be promoted to the next level. To start the task in next level, CLICK on NEXT button.
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