Smurfs Clouds Game

On this page, you'll play the game Smurfs Clouds, one of your best free smurf games!!! The Smurfs are constantly trying to find new methods of having fun and it seems that they found one today. Some special clouds have been created and they have properties similar to those of a trampoline, although they can only be jumped on once. You need to take control of a Smurf and jump with him on clouds in order to reach a maximum score. If you fall down, the game is over and you have to restart.

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Smurfs Clouds Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Press the START GAME option with the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON. You have to control your Smurf and you can plan the jumping spot by moving him with the mouse. When you are ready to jump, you just have to LEFT CLICK on the screen. Afterwards, use your mouse to move the Smurf through the air and reach new clouds.
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