Sniper Games

With sniper games, you can try and practice your aim. This is a very diverse category and will place you in a number of different situations. When you are playing, make sure to do your best when you try aiming your gun. Difficulty is going to depend on the game. Read more about our 74 sniper games ...

There is a lot of diversity in the games that you are presented with here. You have a huge selection of different scenarios depending on the game. For example, some of these games will be set in the forest or the jungle. You will have to hunt either people or animals, and score points by firing at them. Other games will provide you with an even greater challenge. You may have to avoid being shot yourself, while trying to fire at others. This only helps to add to the excitement and the overall tension that the game provides. Other games are a little more innocent, where you will probably have to shoot inanimate objects or things like moving bottles. If you are starting out with a game like this, then it is a good idea to find an easy one first. Afterwards, you can make your way up in difficulty.
  1. Kill the Japanese Nazi Sniper
  2. Santa Strike Sniper
  3. Target Barbarossa Sniper
  4. Anaksha Female Assassin Sniper
  5. Celebrity Assassin Sniper
  6. Sniper Duty
    Sniper Duty 0 847 Sniper Duty Sniper Duty
  7. Tiny Combat 2 Sniper
  8. Art of Victory Sniper
  9. Tribe Sniper
    Tribe Sniper 0 532 Tribe Sniper Tribe Sniper
  10. Sniper Assassin 4
  11. Smoking Kills Sniper
  12. Sniper WW2
    Sniper WW2 0 499 Sniper WW2 Sniper WW2
  13. Sniper World War 2
  14. Army SWAT Sniper
  15. Foxy Sniper
    Foxy Sniper 0 376 Foxy Sniper Foxy Sniper
  16. Sift Heads 3 Sniper
  17. Clear Vision 2 Sniper
  18. Terror Camp Sniper
  19. Fulltime Killer Sniper
  20. Cigarette Sniper
  21. 12 Days Sniper
  22. Save the Witness Sniper
  23. Sniper Hunter 4
  24. Counter Snipe Multiplayer
  25. Sniper Hunter
  26. The Sniper
    The Sniper 0 242 The Sniper The Sniper
  27. Hitman Mission Pack Sniper
  28. Bloodshot Sniper
  29. Major Madness Sniper
  30. Narco Trafficker Sniper
  31. Professional Sniper
  32. Sniper Assassin
  33. Sift Heads 2 Sniper
  34. The Strangers Sniper
  35. Tactical Assassin Sniper
  36. Sniper 3
    Sniper 3 0 163 Sniper 3 Sniper 3
  37. Hitstick Sniper
  38. Fast Sniper 2
  39. Resident Devil Sniper
  40. Destructionism 2 Sniper
  41. Scope First Blood Sniper
  42. Sift Heads 0 Sniper
  43. The Professionals Sniper
  44. Sniper
    Sniper 0 145 Sniper Sniper
  45. Clear Vision Elite Edition Sniper
  46. The Urban Sniper
  47. Stickman Madness 2 Sniper
  48. City Siege Sniper
  49. SWAT 2 Tactical Sniper
  50. Sniper Global Mercenary
  51. Stickman Madness Sniper
  52. Tactical Assassin 2 Sniper
  53. Sift Heads 4 Sniper
  54. Police Sniper 2
  55. Sniper Defense!
  56. Panda Tactical Sniper 2
  57. Marksmen Sniper
  58. Jack Van Cell Stinger Sniper