Sonic Bomberman Game

On this page, you'll play the game Sonic Bomberman, one of your best free sonic games!!! Sonic Bomberman would be thoroughly enjoyed by kids who love Sonic. The main aim of the gamer would be to collect the most number of points without getting Sonic killed. The game is rather simple and is quite easy to play, once you have figured out the controls. The game may seem a bit cluttered in the beginning but clears once you start using the bombs. In short, it is a game worth giving a try.

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Sonic Bomberman Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Press CONTINUE to enter the game. Click on NEXT to start the game. Select 1 or 2 PLAYER. Choose the difficulty level and the character. Once you are inside, use the UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys for moving Sonic through the length and breadth of the map. Press SPACE BAR to launch the bombs. Collect the collectibles. Remember to move away from the bombs once you launch the same.
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