Sonic Gem Collector Game

On this page, you'll play the game Sonic Gem Collector, one of your best free sonic games!!! Sonic Gem Collector is a strategy based game where you have to help drop the gems correctly to Sonic by using a sling. Cut the sling at the right place to set the ball or gem in motion so that it can be dropped to Sonic. Collect as many rings as possible to increase score. Accomplishing the task quickly gives an additional time bonus. Collecting the gems in one level unlocks the next. There are 30 levels in all. Subsequent levels can have more than one sling and multiple Sonics waiting to collect gems.

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Sonic Gem Collector Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Click the Play Game button to launch the game and choose a level. You need to get the emerald to Sonic using the sling. You can cut the sling by pressing and moving the left mouse button. The faster you accomplish the task, the more time bonus you will gain. Take care to cut at the right place and not hit Sonic or the crab.
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