Speed Course 3D Game

On this page, you'll play the game Speed Course 3D, one of your best free car racing games!!! This challenge will provide some adrenaline as the speeds are much higher than you would expect. You can race your supercar on the track reaching speeds of 300 kilometers per hour and you will be able to swerve in order to avoid your opponents. The curves are easy to take and they come in handy so you can easily take on the lead if you manage to keep the top speed of the vehicle for enough time.

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Speed Course 3D Game controls, cheat codes, ...
You can enter the first race by LEFT CLICKING on the START GAME button available in the main menu. Press the UP key if you want to accelerate and if you have to, press the DOWN key to decrease the speed. The LEFT and RIGHT keys can be used to take curves or avoid opponents. Press the 1 or 3 keys to change the view from a first person to a third person perspective.
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