Speedy?s Pyramid Rescue Game

On this page, you'll play the game Speedy?s Pyramid Rescue, one of your best free heroes games!!! The mischievous cat and mouse are back in action in the Speedy?s Pyramid Rescue game! They have been up to many little games, and none can stand the other, especially Sylvester cannot stand Speedy and always tries to find a way to make Speedy suffer. And in this game he succeeds too, what with the vulture being his friend and helping him to inconvenience Speedy. Come to Speedy?s rescue in this game set in the desert, where Speedy has to build a pyramid even before Sylvester has caught up with him. Sylvester and the eagle are trying their best so Speedy cannot complete the pyramid he is trying to build. The naughty cat creeps up from behind and swoops Speedy up in his paws. If Speedy gets caught like this he cannot work on the pyramid. If the eagle catches Speedy, then also he cannot build. Your job is to help Speedy build the pyramid by making him jump on the building blocks and turning them purple. The only way you can save yourself and Speedy is to collect red hot chillies and throw them at Sylvester. The cat hates red chillies! Help him collect bonus points to finish the level.

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Speedy?s Pyramid Rescue Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Begin to play the Speedy?s Pyramid Rescue by LEFT CLICKing on the PLAY button on the game screen. To see INSTRUCTIONS, CLICK on INSTRUCTIONS. The rest of the game will be played with the keyboard keys. Use the LEFT ARROW to GO LEFT, the RIGHT ARROW to GO RIGHT, the UP ARROW to JUMP, and the DOWN ARROW to CROUCH. Use the RIGHT and LEFT ARROWS to move from one side of screen to other side and collect bonus points. Use the SPACEBAR to SHOOT CHILLIES at Sylvester, and the A key to DROP ANVIL. If you shoot chillies at Sylvester he will let Speedy go even if he has captured him. If you lose a level, you can play again, by CLICKing on the PLAY AGAIN button.
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