Spider-Man Costume Game

On this page, you'll play the game Spider-Man Costume, one of your best free spiderman games!!! Spider-Man needs a new costume in order to go and beat down his enemies, and you will have to help him design it. It will not be too difficult, because everything that you have to use is only controlled with a few buttons. Spider-Man has an interesting pose and you will be able to change his outfit exactly as you want to. When you are done, you can click on the Show button to see the final result.

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Spider-Man Costume Game controls, cheat codes, ...
The game can be controlled with the aid of the mouse and you will have to LEFT click on the Play button to start. As Spider-Man and the clothing items appear, you will have to LEFT click on the buttons in order to show sets of items. Afterwards, you can LEFT click and drag on the items in order to apply them on Spider-Man's costume. When you finish designing the costume, you can LEFT click on the Show button.
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