SpongeBob Power Jump 2 Game

On this page, you'll play the game SpongeBob Power Jump 2, one of your best free spongebob games!!! SpongeBob is now participating in a new contest and you will have to help him jump as high as possible in order to reach the highest score. You will also be able to access higher levels when you reach a certain score, but you will also encounter more obstacles. Be careful, as you need to carefully land on the boxes. Otherwise, you will fall over and you will lose a life. Watch out for the boomerangs when you jump!

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SpongeBob Power Jump 2 Game controls, cheat codes, ...
You can start the game by LEFT clicking the Play button and afterwards, you are ready to take SpongeBob up in the skies. You can control him by moving the mouse and LEFT clicking to jump, or you can use the keyboard. The LEFT key is used for SpongeBob to go to the left, while the RIGHT key can be pressed for him to go to the right. When you need to jump, press on the UP arrow.
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