SpongeBob War Game

On this page, you'll play the game SpongeBob War, one of your best free spongebob games!!! SpongeBob and his friends have built a maze and they want to have some fun while shooting bubbles at each other. You will have to control Squarepants and you will have to defeat all of the other participants in order to win. You have three lives so you should make your way with ease until the end, but you never know when an upgraded player will appear and will try to take you down.

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SpongeBob War Game controls, cheat codes, ...
After you start the game by LEFT clicking on the Play button, you will be placed on the battlefield and you will be able to control SpongeBob using the directional arrows. Use the UP key to move up, the DOWN key to move down, the LEFT key to go to the left and the RIGHT key to go to the right. When you are ready to shoot, use the SPACE BAR.
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