Spurt Game

On this page, you'll play the game Spurt, one of your best free shooting games!!! In this game, you need to help the fighter to save a planet which is suffering the absence of the Sun. The darkness broods all over the planet. To save the planet from this critical situation, you need to encounter with some fierce evil creatures. To kill these evil creatures, you need to use the shooting skills. The game is divided in three different stages for doing different fighting activities. The more you will kill these creatures, the more coin will come to your collections, which will help you to increase your weapon power by purchasing from a shop.

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Spurt Game controls, cheat codes, ...
CLICK on PLAY to start the game, CLICK the ATTACK level and select the weapon by a CLICK on UP button. CLICK on GO button to move to the next level. Lets CLICK on Button 1 to start the game. CLICK on ATTACK to target and kill these monsters. To go for different actions, you can use Computer keys or can use a mouse. For mouse users use A and D key to move Left and Right. To jump Press on W key. To target use mouse and CLICK on mouse to shoot these monsters. For keyboard users, Press on AD key to Walk, S key to Down , W key to Up. To Switch weapon Q,E key. To shoot press J key. To Jump press on K key.
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