Star Wars Puzzle Game

On this page, you'll play the game Star Wars Puzzle, one of your best free star wars games!!! Star Wars Puzzle is a fun picture puzzle game for all you star wars fan. There are four levels in this puzzle game and you can choose according to your ability. The varying levels in this puzzle game also have varying number of pieces to put together. You will be given a time within which you need to put together all the pieces of this picture puzzle to win the game.

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Star Wars Puzzle Game controls, cheat codes, ...
The easy controls of this game make it all the more interesting to play. Click on PLAY to begin the game. After that choose the level of the game. The image will be shown to you. After you have studies the image carefully click on SHUFFLE for the puzzle to be distributed. CLICK on any piece and DRAG and DROP it on the game board to rearrange the picture. The blue line will show you the time left.
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