Star Wars Games

The Star Wars franchise earned a cult following the first time the movies were released. It's no big surprise, what with the laser swords, big ships, and hovercrafts. Of course, there's also Princess Leia who has won the hearts of many. Play Star Wars games and relive the amazing trilogy! Read more about our 29 star wars games ...

If you're looking for Star Wars games, you can try playing Sith Assault, inspired by Clone Wars. You have been trained by the Sith and you need to prove your worth. This wonderfully addicting strategy game requires you to get rid of all the enemies you see on the screen by destroying the platforms they're on. You can make explosive barrels fall on platforms, get platforms to fall on your enemies' heads, or simply destroy the structure you see. This game shows increasing levels of difficulty ? see if you can figure out how to destroy structures and kill enemies until the last stage. But if you're looking for a laser sword fight, try Yoda Battle Slash. You can aim at the droids and attack them using special moves. Remember, you're playing as Yoda, so you're supposed to be all-powerful! But do have what it takes to be like him? Enjoy!