Summer in Paris Game

On this page, you'll play the game Summer in Paris, one of your best free dress up games!!! How about a summer trip in Paris this year? Oh what did you say? You couldn?t afford to take a leave from your studies or work right now? Go right ahead and take that vacation anyways. Visit Paris virtually with the Summer in Paris game! Visit the magical Eiffel Tower that has been the background of many a beginning of a happily ever after. Create your own fashionable avatar for your trip to Paris by clicking on the various tabs on the screen. The tabs are placed on either side of the screen, with your avatar in the middle. Dress her up in anyway you please, and get her to roam the streets of Paris and soak up the magic. Begin with the hair style. The first tab gives you options of hairstyle, while the second gives you options of hair color! Color your tresses wild or tame, keep them short or long, get a whacky hairstyle or a conventional one? it all depends on what you want you avatar to look like, for there are as many styles as you can think up! Choose a chunky neck piece or something light to go with the top or dress you choose for your avatar, and of course don?t forget the pair of sunglasses for that scorching ball of fire up there! Choose the color of your eyes, and paint your puckers pink, red or orange? the colors are all up there in the tabs. you can create many looks and play the game again and again. It?s like going to Paris everyday in a new avatar!

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Summer in Paris Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Play the Summer in Paris game by CLICKING on your mouse. To begin the game CLICK on the PLAY button and enter the game. To browse through choices CLICK on one tab multiple times, and with each CLICK a new option will appear. Move on to the next tab and CLICK to avail a fresh set of choices. CLICK on SHOW button to look at the finished picture. CLICK on REPLAY to start playing again. You can share the look you created with your friends on Facebook by CLICKING on the Facebook button on the screen.
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