Survive The Night Game

On this page, you'll play the game Survive The Night, one of your best free off road games!!! Survive the Night is a truck driving game that combines driving skills with the ability to survive a night of zombie attack. You need to drive your truck across the rocky terrain, from the Start to the Finish point, killing all the zombies on the way. You have the Turbo power to help you to get across difficult climbs or too many zombies that stop your truck. But keep an eye on the Turbo meter, it keeps depleting as you use it. So, use it wisely. Complete each level successfully to unlock and progress to the next one. Check out how many nights you can survive!

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Survive The Night Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Click the PLAY button and choose a level to get started. Read instructions and click the X button to close the Help window. You can control the car by using the UP arrow = accelerate, DOWN arrow = reverse or brake, LEFT and RIGHT arrows = balance the vehicle, and X = Turbo. Drive from the Start to the Finish point and kill all the zombies on the way to complete a level and progress to the next. Use Turbo power when there are too many zombies hindering your path.
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