Taxi Games

With all of the typical car games these days, playing one of these taxi games every now and then is bound to be enjoyable as a change of pace. Taxi games will have you paying close attention to the streets as you drive a number of different customers to their destinations the way a good taxi driver should. Read more about our 55 taxi games ...

A taxi game will have you driving through busy streets and picking up customers along the way. You will need to prove that you are a good chauffeur by getting your customers to their drop-off points without crashing your car or hitting pedestrians along the way. This might seem easy in theory, but the virtual world of a taxi game universe is often full of fast-moving traffic that doesn't want to just stop or move out of the way for you. Getting around busy traffic and stuffed intersections should prove to be a challenge, but if this is what it takes to be an outstanding taxi driver then you will definitely overcome these obstacles. Some taxi games are conventional racing games and there is even one of them that allows you to drive a monster-truck style taxi. Flash taxi games are a different style of car games that just might grow on you.