Taylor Swift Salon Game

On this page, you'll play the game Taylor Swift Salon, one of your best free manicure games!!! Peek into the new Taylor Swift Salon and be the sole makeup artist for the nails for the star herself! This game offers a real life experience of a starry manicure, and you get to be its boss! The game opens to an image of a hand with the nails shaped and cleaned. You have a choice of amazing colors waiting on the left side panel of the screen. Click on a nail polish bottle to twist and open the cap, and then use the nail polish wand to apply it to the nail. Various shades of green, red, dark red, orange and blue are some of the colors you can begin with. Each tab is labeled, and you can click on the arrows on either side of the tab to pick the options. This game is etched out well, and it will need all your imagination and hard work to dress up this celebrity?s nails. Use the Remover option and click on the nails to clear them of a color, and then apply fresh color. On the top right corner of the screen is a tab called Zoom. The zoom option helps you to zoom into each individual nail, lock the portion of the screen and then paint the nail separately in two halves. It takes all your artistic sense to get a nail to look chic yet dazzling! Other tabs are for the nail stickers and rings.

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Taylor Swift Salon Game controls, cheat codes, ...
The Taylor Swift Salon game is mouse based, and it can be played by CLICKing on the option you want to choose and then CLICKing on the corresponding part of the hand where the option is applicable. For stickers, CLICK on a sticker and click on the painted nail and for rings, click on the ring option and then on the finger. You can choose background color by CLICKing on the BG tab, and share the score you receive at the end of the game with your friends through Facebook.
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