Teen Titans Dress-up Game

On this page, you'll play the game Teen Titans Dress-up, one of your best free heroes games!!! This is a game which would appeal to the Teen Titans and Robin fans. As the name implies, this is a dress-up game. Some of the options that you would get to fiddle with, include skin tone, hair color, dress, symbol, utility belt, gloves, accessories and shoes. The game is set outside the Teen Titans base. The game has been neatly designed and has the flavor of the series.

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Teen Titans Dress-up Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Once the game is done loading, click PLAY GAME. Click on PLAY GAME yet again, to proceed into the game. LEFT CLICK on the round tabs repeatedly in the left, to access the various options under each. The same LEFT CLICK would apply the options on Robin. LEFT CLICK on the PRINTER if you wish to take a printout of the image. If completed dressing him up, click DONE GAME. LEFT CLICK on the SOUND icon, to mute the background song.
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