Teletubbies Puzzle Game

On this page, you'll play the game Teletubbies Puzzle, one of your best free heroes games!!! You need to complete the puzzle of different images . While you enter the game, you will come across an opaque version of your selected puzzle image. Your task is to complete the image, by placing the scattered tiles from the right side puzzle block bar. Try to match the block to its right position and place it accordingly. Once you will be able to complete the task, you will be forwarded to the next level.

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Teletubbies Puzzle Game controls, cheat codes, ...
CLICK on START button. Entering the game stage, you will find different levels. CLICK on a level or image , that you want to play. CLICK once more on the one type of the level from EASY , NORMAL and HARD options. On the game stage, you will find a opaque view of your selected image. CLICK on the scattered puzzle pieces from the right side and place them over the impression accordingly. Once you complete the task, move on to the next level, by a CLICK on NEXT button.
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