The King of Fighters Game

On this page, you'll play the game The King of Fighters, one of your best free fighting games!!! The King of Fighters is a hands-on combat game where you are paired up against a bull. You can choose between two different player avatars to represent you. The target area where you can get hurt and become the target of the bull is indicated by a white circle. However, you need to enter this circled area to be able to taunt the bull and draw it to the center of the arena where it can easily get hit by the spears. The trick lies in drawing the bull to the center without getting killed, yourself. The more the bull gets hit by the spears, the more its life meter depletes; increasing your chances of winning the game. See how far you can get!

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Click the PLAY button to get started. Choose a player from the two options provided. You can control the player by using the UP arrow = jump, and the LEFT and RIGHT arrows = move forward or backward. Once you enter the white circled area, you are within the target of the bull. Taunt the bull towards the center to make it an easy target for the spears. The more the spears hit the bull, the more its life meter depletes. When the bull?s life meter depletes completely, you win. Take care not to get killed yourself.
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