The Smurfs Find the Differences Game

On this page, you'll play the game The Smurfs Find the Differences, one of your best free smurf games!!! The Smurfs had some fun a few days ago and they took some pictures of themselves. However, something went wrong and the pictures are not showing the same colors and things. Because of this you have to help the Smurfs and you have to find the differences in each picture. This way, they can encircle the mistakes and they will also reward you with points. As you progress, the differences will be more discrete.

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The Smurfs Find the Differences Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Begin this "spot the difference" game by LEFT CLICKING on the PLAY button in the menu. You receive 25 points for each difference that you find but you also lose 25 points for each wrong click. When you find a difference, you just have to press the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON. When you finish the current level, you can LEFT CLICK the CONTINUE button to advance.
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