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On this page, you'll play the game Touch Me If You Can, one of your best free heroes games!!! Mr Cody the lemur is a very naughty lemur indeed. He plays with his friends all day, and is bored of all the old games they play. So he has decided to make the next game a test of agility and alertness, with a touch of mischief as is his nature. He has tweaked the good old hide n seek and catch me if you can games, and added fresh flavor to them. He is hiding behind the bushed and peeps out for a flash of a second clapping his hands on the top of his head. You have to tap him on his head before he disappears behind the shrub only to reappear in a new location. Think fast and act quick to touch him every time he appears. At times he pops up with a bomb in his hand, and you have to avoid these versions of the lemur or the bomb will go off. Play the game levels against the timer clock that ticks on the top of the game screen and win a level. Complete all five levels, and add your name and score to the panels provided. Your score will go international, and you can even share the score with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. The tabs are shaped like the explosions from a bomb, and it is fun to try and catch Mr Cody before he gives you the slip!

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Touch Me If You Can Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Play the Touch me if you can game with the LEFT CLICK option of your mouse. LEFT CLICK on the PLAY GAME button to enter the game, and then LEFT CLICK on PLAY to begin playing. For instructions, you can LEFT CLICK on HOW TO PLAY button. Inside the game LEFT CLICK on every Cody you see and finish the level within the time frame. The Score, Target and the Level all show on the screen top panel. If you are late in playing the level, it will dissolve, and you will have to LEFT CLICK on RETRY to start again. LEFT CLICK on RETURN to submit scores of that present level. LEFT CLICK on NO THANKS if you don?t want to share sores. LEFT CLICK on TWITTER and FACEBOOK icons to share your experience with friends.
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